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Palo Alto 33

A Complex World

"The power of AND"

The power of AND

If you compare the environment and the market conditions on which companies and organizations have to perform today, to only 20 years ago, we have to conclude that it has become much more complex and challenging. Some companies grow faster but also many more companies are disappear at a faster rate. Due to the speed of innovation, technological disruption but also globalization, and an increasingly more difficult regulatory environment, companies have to be more agile, faster AND at the same time more careful, better informed and more efficient. It is a difficult act for many companies even more so when the economic situation deteriorates. To withstand all these forces companies have to be talented in many disciplines. Each discipline is important and contributes to overall success. A company can be great at innovating and creating new products but lousy at marketing. Or they can have the best financial reporting which is not useful for the commercial team as they are based on completely other parameters. Or you can have great sales teams but a dysfunctional backoffice with terrible customer service. To succeed in the long term companies need to create a culture of excellence that is strong in every discipline.

Palo Alto 33 - The power of AND

Boundless Creativity AND Iron Discipline
Commercial Success AND Financial Success
Well Thought Out Strategy AND Fine Execution
The Heart: Marketing, Sales and Product Development AND The Lungs: IT, Production, Finance and HR