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Palo Alto 33


"The Creation of a Valuable Brand"

A lot can be said about marketing and there are a lot of different ways to approach this subject. It is a vital component of any successful launch or relaunch of a product or service but one can waste a lot of euros if the marketingplan is not meticulously executed. Palo Alto 33 approaches marketing as a mix between creativity and discipline. Many techniques are proven and can be implemented at the lowest possible cost but it should start from an great idea and more general from a marketing strategy that the company wants to implement. Consistency is the key for a long term successful marketing policy. Many decisions have to be made depending on the chosen marketing strategy. Palo Alto 3 will systematically build a marketing strategy, but will always try to create great ideas and stimulate creativity in the company. Creativity is the life blood of any marketing plan.

Marketing Approach Palo Alto 33

Target Goal Marketing Strategy Distribution Media Strategy Media Plan


Marketing to a retail network or dealer has a different logic as b-to-c. The structure of the industry, your negotiation position, etc. play an important role


Marketing to the consumer is a discipline in itself where the strength of your idea and your media plan are crucial.


All marketing has an effect on your brand but one can specifically focus on communicating the value of the brand.

Sales Promotion

In a recession the techniques to accelerate growth become more vital. Going from free gifts to couponing to POS-material, you can directly measure marketing spent to turnover.


Depending on the mission of the company, being the marketleader in prince has become a lucrative strategy. If it fits the culture of the company you can become very profitable like Ryanair, Ikea, …

Added Value

In Western Europe many companies try to follow an added value strategy where higher prices are passed to the consumer via better product and services and higher marketing spent.


The retail industry is in changing mode but many companies derive a lot of profit from great POS marketing.


The growing importance of e-commerce is an conundrum for many companies but can be vital for the survival for many companies.


When there is ample budget, media channels like TV, radio, news websites, remains an effective way to communicate branding and sales products.


Direct Marketing in print, online, POS, .. are growing in importance as you can accurately measure the effects of your marketing campaigns.


The classic offline media still play an important role and should always play a role in a media plan, but probably less dominant as before.


The importance of online media has grown dramatically and you need a new breed of marketeers and experts trained in SEO, SMO, SEA, viral marketing.