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Palo Alto 33


"The gathering of In Depth knowledge"

Palo Alto 33 believes strongly in accurate data gathering to analyze the situation. The world and the economy have become far more complex and establishing a sound strategy should be based today on many more variables than in the past. The economic and political situation of a country, the advent of new technology, the fast change in distribution networks, disruptors on the internet, or just plain tough price competition in the sector itself. We use 3 sources to establish a research document on which the strategy advice will be based.

Research Grid Palo Alto 33

Desk Top Research Company Interviews Stakeholder Interviews
  • articles and sector analysis online and offline
  • books about the sector
  • trade magazines
  • analysis by books and consulting services about the trade
  • interviews with a different: sales people, marketing, product development, management and finance
  • analysis of the financial and commercial figures and comparisons with sector colleagues
  • interviews with main clients leading figures and the business partners

We believe that this input gives you a thorough insight in the business of the company. There are more qualitative and quantitative tools that would be relevant in a second phase if judged necessary. For that we work with agencies specialized in data research.