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Palo Alto 33


"The Creation of High Performance Teams"

The Creation of High Performance Teams

To create high performance salesteams one needs to focus on a lot of small details that can make the difference between average and excellent. Palo Alto 33 has developed its own scheme, which is based on the results of the best salesschool in the world, namely Wharton University in Philadelphia, USA. They have developed the following qrid which we follow step by step. Hereby you will find the "components" behind this scheme.

Sales Grid Palo Alto 33

  1. Sales Management
  2. Control Systems
  1. Recruting
  2. Profile Sales
  3. Wage Structures
  4. Knowledge Loop
  1. Meetings
  2. Training
  1. Incentives
  2. Newsletter
  3. Results Communication
  1. Sales Management

    We study the way that management interacts with is executives, the way they deal with their sales executives, their field coaching and the way they spend their time. And what the profile is of its management by using the Jack Welch definition.
  2. Control Systems

    We will focus on the control system in place. Are they oriented towards altering behavior or are they result driven ? Both systems have other characteristics and fundamentally alter the toolkit and principles to be used. If you are result oriented you shouldn’t use heavy control systems f.e. or if you want to change behavior heavy incentive systems will not always work.
  3. Recruitment

    We will look at the way the company recruit its sales talent. How does the company recruit according to its values and needs ? How are the interviews conducted and what does the company communicate to its future colleagues ?
  4. Profile Sales Executive

    What drives the executive to work for this company ? How important is it for him to succeed in his current job and how well is he organized and does he respect authority ? We will also study how his results are influenced by factors as his own personality, the coaching he has received and the market or clientele that he serves.
  5. Wage Systems

    In a sales environment this is a vital component of a successful high performance salesteam. We should choose from the different systems that exists like f.e. the incentive matrix or a quantum system with accelerators, that suits the needs and the products of the company. Great care has to be taken to communicating and explaining a new system as compensation is a very emotional subject. But well executed it is a great leverage for recurrent success.
  6. Knowledge Loop

    Here an organization has to install a system that enables her to learn from the mistakes and her successes. The new experiences, results, .. have to be fed again in the company to enhance the learning curve.
  7. Meetings

    Meetings are crucial to create a salesculture, to share the successes of the company and to celebrate its best salespeople. It is a great way to give recognition to a salesgroup that is very sensitive to this incentive.
  8. Training

    Training modules are an important tool to work in the skills of salespeople, be it on a 1 to 1 basis or in group. Trainings had to be adopted to the needs and concerns of the sector and the skills of the salesteams to minimize wasteful training.
  9. Incentives

    Incentives are great add on to a well devised wage system. Incentives have the advantage of not being too expensive and being very effective in driving growth on a temporary basis for special projects, product introductions, ….
  10. Newsletter

    It is important to communicate on a regular basis via print or online about the results, the priorities of the company, the sales successes, …. It creates commitment and is a great way to motivate your stars.
  11. Result Communication

    No sales system is complete without well devised reports that communicate to all the relevant stakeholders how the results evolve on a weekly and monthly basis.