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Palo Alto 33

The Transformation of Organizations

"Creating a Self Driven Organization"

Creating a Self Driven Organization

There are 3 basic principles that Palo Alto 33 applies in transforming your organization to make it a durable success. Palo Alto 33 does not believe in temporary assignments whre change can not be embedded in the organization. Any company that wants to win in the marketplace needs to have a competitive advantage. Although positional advantages like brandname, distribution network, production capacity, … can be an advantage, they are not always durable. The best way to stay ahead of the competition resides in the organization, reside in the people that work day to day to make it happen. The way they work together, the way they approach the marketplace, the way they treat their customers, go about product introduction will determine the long term health of the company. These “knowledge advantages” are the real “hard” assets of the company. It is an organization that adapts itself and anticipates to changes in the environment. The organization becomes the strategy on which you on build and grow. You can just grow as fast as you have created an adaptable organization with great colleagues, strong values and ample resources. In the end your company has lasting value if you have installed an ORGANZATION full of capable people that are SELFDRIVEN and work together believing in a mission and meticulously executing the chosen strategy.

Organizational Change Palo Alto 33

Principle Cora Argument Mechanisms Explanation
Your organization is your strategy Adaptability
Environment Stategy Organization
The environment evolves so fast that you have to adapt your strategy regularly. It is better to have an adaptable organization with strong values that anticipates changes and becomes your main asset.
The customer is king
  • Creativity
  • The heart of the company
  • "Front Office"
Marketing Product Development Sales
The 3 main activities in the company are the core of the "front office" namely marketing, sales and product development that work closely together to win commercially and to serve the customer.
Face the brutal facts
  • Discipline
  • The lungs of the company
  • "Back Office"
Production IT Human Resources Finance
You can only win in the long term in the marketplace, if you also win financially. These departments provide support and instill crucial discipline in the creative heart of the company