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Palo Alto 33

Why Choose Us?

We realize that hiring external advice is costly. It is therefore important that you check why you like to work with us.

Consultancy Interim Management Investment
  • Companies that seek advice on a specific strategic conundrum or problem.
  • Companies or organizations that have the capacity of transformation and talent in their ranks but need a mirror, an external feedback.
  • Companies that have a clearly defined marketing, product development or sales problem and needn external advice.
  • Companies that need to transform their organization to adapt it to a changing market.
  • Companies that want to develop their marketing, sales and product development skills but don’t have the experience.
  • Companies that have well defined and specific projects that should temporarily be outsourced.
  • Companies that like to work with clear commitments and results.
  • Any company that wants to engage further with Palo Alto 33 and is interested in sharing risk and reward.
  • Companies seeking extra capital to develop their business plans.